Author's Story

Kate was brought up in a thriving city on the east coast in the 1950’s. The family lived in two beautiful homes and had a comfortable financial existence. She was groomed to marry a princeĀ and to live a secure, abundant life. Obtaining a college degree was unquestionably a requirement, not a choice, and she did graduate from a well-known university with a Bachelor of Education degree.

Her father planted a message in her brain at an early age that she could be anything that she desired,
which has stayed with her throughout her lifetime and helped her survive and endure her continual disastrous financial existence. She had everything but love, and that is where Bernie came in. In high school, he was the man voted most likely to succeed, and they were destined to marry and dance off into the sunset and
live a beautiful storybook existence.

But they did not. Instead, she led a life
diametrically different from the one she expected, i.e. totally protected from any
adverse conditions. A life of bill collectors, theft, trouble with the law, visits to jail
and financial insecurity. Twenty-six years of a horrendous marriage to a man who
promised much and gave back little.

Kate U. Simon

Prior to this one, the author had never written a book, although her years of being married to a sociopath certainly prepared her for it. At first, she resisted putting
this horror story down on paper because of all the unhappy memories it would bring up. She finally decided to move forward with this project to enlighten others
as to what sociopathic behavior truly is and how to protect themselves and their families from this monstrous personality disorder.

Kate’s healing took many years. She was fortunate to be able to channel much of her pain and sadness and other feelings and emotions through the media of art. Being an abstract expressionist artist, she explores various colors on canvas. This has become her new passion and she has moved forward to a happier and healthier life.

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